R.A.A.P. Responsible Alcohol Awareness Program, Training Programs, Memphis, TN

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ABC Cards Fast has been offering ABC Card classes for 15 years.  Our goal in teaching these classes is to help servers, bartenders and managers stay out of jail and on the job in liquor-by-the-drink establishments and events in Tennessee.  ABC Cards Fast has offered multiple programs in the past including Controlling Alcohol Risks Effectively (C.A.R.E.) and Training and Intervention Procedures (TIPS).  We now offer The Responsible Alcohol Awareness Program (R.A.A.P.) and have 40+ years of service and managerial experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry.  We are well equipped to guide your staff in responsible alcohol service.

Alcohol awareness and the Laws of Tennessee are taught, guided by the state approved program we are licensed to teach.  ABC Cards Fast has helped certify thousands of restaurant employees statewide and we'd love to come and take care of your staff.

You can expect nothing but the very best training available!

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